Specific warranties

Specific and optional warranties of borrowers contracts

- The warranty Permanent Partial Disability

The Permanent Partiel Disability is a physical or mental disability recognized before the age of 60 putting the insured in the permanent inability to perform any occupation full time earning him gain or profit. Our contracts cover people with a disability rate from 33%.

- The Warranty of Unemployment or loss of job.

The purpose of this insurance is to guarantee to the lender, the payment of a portion of the debt owed by the insured( between 50 and 70%) in case of total unemployment in the latter.
It is now possible to add only the unemployment warranty to any contract of borrower’s insurance already existing.

- The liberal profession medical specialized option

Insured who has medical specialized profession, surgeon or dentist have a special scale for permanent disability to 100%

- The Pharmacist profession option

Are considered professional disability, insured pharmacists following an illness or an accident have a functional disability rates by the « Concours Médical », equal or superior to 66% and a permanent ban (« ???) ( or more than 24 months suspension ) exercice by the « Conseil de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens en applications de l’article R 4221-15 du Code de la Santé Publique ».

- The excess of 30-day warranty (Temporary total disability)

The conventional excess observed on most insurance loan contract is for a period of 90 days. We are able to reduce it to 30 days. The management of the insurer in case of sinister therefore will intervene much earlier. This is a very interesting option for freelancers.