Large amount of capital

On the records of large amount of capital, several aspects tend to favor the choice of the individual insurance:

The savings: An insurance rate lower than the bank’s and will have an even greater impact on the total cost of insurance when the capital is important.

Speed: more capital, and the greater the record made is thick and complex, SOCAVIE is committed to study through dedicated companies in order to increase the speed of processing structures

The management of your medical approaches: Our firm assists you in your medical approaches to facilitate your creation of your file ( engagement letters, taking appointments, reimbursement of expenses, …)

The accumulation of capital: never get limited or sanctioned by insured loans too large within the same company! SOCAVIE will offer you the most suitable and allow you to spread the risk over several partner companies

Warranties of best quality: no capital limit on compensation for the warranty Permanent Total Disability and a very high limit on the warranty Temporary Total Disability: up to 10 000€ per month loan covered

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